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Bringing Down the Thunder

Limited Run of 40 Numbered Professional Prints

Hawk Man II

I Was Once a Young Warrior Too

L P Warrior

Mni Wiconi Etanhan Inajin
Lady Rising Out of the Water of Life

"The eyes of the man in my painting
speak of strength and honor. That is Leonard.
It speaks of our government that he
is still incarcerated -- no honor, no strength.
I want my children and grandchildren to care
for this earth the way our First People do.
I want truth taught in schools.
I want the persecution of Native Americans
to end.
Justice is long overdue."


What does Leonard's artwork say to you?

Down But Not Out

Wicasta Wihanbde Mani
Man Who Walks with a Dream (Willie Nelson)

Those Who Do Not Understand

Debra WhitePlume

Pte Oyate Wicasta Enana Hoye Waye
Man of the Buffalo Sending Prayers to the Mystery

Protector of the Woods

Thunder Buffalo Hooves

Pretty Nose

I Hear the Call of the Eagle

White Buffalo Calf


Cehupa We'ga
Broken Jaw

Time has Come

Itoka'gatakinya Zuya Wicasta
Southern Man of War

Wicosta Waowanyeka Najin
Man of Observation

Ikwe Speaks

Kimimina Iyokpiya Waci Win
Lady Butterfly Who Dances Joyfully

Mic Mac Maddona

Parole Hearing 2009

Zuya Teca Hoksina
Modern Day Warrior

Waci Ohiwaye Sni
I Shoulda Won That Dance

United Horse Nation

Ehana Sunka Wakan Ota Bduhe
I Once Had Many Horses

Sunka Wakan Sai'ciye
The Horse who Paints Itself Blue

Cannupa Sota kin Wocekiye Ota Hoye Waye
The Smoke of the Pipe Carries Many Prayers

Sungmanitu 'Hota Yamnipi
Three Gray Wolves

Cante Wiyukcan Itancan
Leader with Thoughts from the Heart

Otonwe Kanwicasta pi kin Aki'ktujapi
Many Elderly are Forgotten

Grey Crane in Spring

Tlingit Warrior

Still I Go On

Unci Maka He Untanpi
We Come from Grandmother Earth

Native Still Life

Tagtoketu Hwo
What Has Happened?

Wiwanyeg Waci Itancan
The Leader of the Sundance

A'cepa Nawajin Kte do
I Will Be Standing and Waiting


Akipa Ki'ciyan Naonjin Kte
Together We Will Stand and Wait

Toko Sunka Wakan Hdeska
Different Horse Nation that is Striped

Ghost Dance Leader

I Hear the Dancers


Eluding Gen. Cook

Girl in a Shell Dress

Tiopa Awanhda ke
One Who Watches the Door

Horse Friend

Untitled 181

Untitled 214

Black Hawk

One of the 38

Playing a Lover's Song

Sally and Dad

Wise Child

Mad Bear Family

Three Feathers

Home on the Res


Kishkwekosh Warrior

The Way Home

Night Buffalo

Woman in a Ribbon Blanket

Mystery in Blues

White Wolf

Big Brother

Wooly Rider


Dine' Elder

Black Elk

Out of the Dark

Ride the Wind

Sung dowan win
Woman with a Horse Song

Winter Wolves

Land of the Brave

Baby Warrior

King of Horses

He Who Watches

She Who Knows


Children of the Holy People Girl

Peace Pipe Prayer

Elder of the Northwest


Thunder Heart

Fires of the Sky


Slim Sanchez

Bill Means

Untitled 172

Grandma Jumping Bull

Dennis Banks

Sina Cistina Hoksina
Little Robe Boy

Jicarilla Maiden

Purple Dancer

Dine' Maiden


Not Left Behind

Inteus No Shame

Self Portrait

Geronimo I Remain Strong

Grass Dancers


Horse Whisperer

Blackbird Shield

Holy Wind

Dine' Man

Good Flower

Bright Eyes

I see in this painting a very thoughtful perspective that makes me feel seen. For example the veins in my feet and hands
remind me that not only have I done honest work with these hands, and spent long hours on these feet dancing for joy but all those before me, my ancestors have done the same in order to get me where I'm at now. Miigwech for coming onto this planet (Turtle Island) with a mission so powerful it has held you prisoner for 45 years and yet you continue to carry on with dignity and soul sovereignty. Miigwech for shining a light on the corruptions that plague this society. Miigwech for your part in helping the movement carry on! Your life is a poem that will continue to expand the consciousness of the American people (and beyond) for a millennia.
Ava Carpentier

Ava by the Creek

Navajo Girl

Spanish Mustang


Untitled 236

Looks Back Buffalo

Buffalo Skull Altar

Lame Dear

Rainbow Dancer


Sitting Bull

Big Mountain Woman

Who's in Charge?

Buffalo in the Window

Buffalo Skull

Blue Warrior

Untitled 155

White Mountain Lady

Untitled 201